Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pam's Curved Log Cabin Complete

Okay, I'll admit that I've been remiss in my blogging duties.  Pam's curved log cabin quilt has been done for almost two weeks, and I'm just now getting around to bragging about it and posting pictures here.  I will see Mom & Dad tomorrow, and they will courier the quilt back to Colorado and deliver it personally to Pam.
I am super pleased with how this quilt turned out: from the fabric choice, to the piecing pattern, to the quilting! I did a large-scale meander on the print fabrics and a small-scale meander in the background. I had a grand time playing with the BSR on the new machine, and I'm just tickled with the results. I am in LOVE with the automatic tie-on and tie-off+cutting at the touch of a button.

I also need to thank Grant for my earlier birthday present: a Tutto rolling bag so I can take my machine to workshops, like the Men's Quilting Retreat in Danville coming up in August!  I took the picture of the bag on a queen-sized bed so that you'd get a good sense of big this bag is!  Also, if Kara didn't have such severe motion sickness, she could come along on my flying trips, because I think she could easily fit inside this bag!

I am also really excited about finding the quilt shop (A Quilting Bee) in Mahomet!  I've driven by there hundreds of times on my way to the bank or post office, but many thanks to Kara for letting me know it was there.  I stopped in tonight on my way home from work and snagged some awesome Hoffman Batik Fat Quarters (20 of them in bright primary & secondary colors) along with some awesome white-on-white print fabric to make "Slideshow" -- which Kara just made for Ms. Sophie Kate's birthday.  I also got a few other assorted fat quarters and some rulers I didn't have.  Andrea and her husband Jeff are simply delightful, and they have a rather lovely collection of fabrics.  And they've ordered two gallons of Mary Ellen's Best Press in Lavender for us!  Because lavender *is* the office scent of quilting...

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  1. i wondered why you never mentioned going to the shop in mahomet...