Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pam's Curved Log Cabin Update

I have 25 of the 48 squares completed for Pam's Curved Log Cabin quilt.  Grant and I played with the squares and laid out a few of them (I admit I was a lazy bitch because I didn't clear off the dining room table to layout more of them).  I'm quite pleased with how this is going to come out!

It turns out this quilt pattern is perfect for constantly checking one's quarter-inch seams:  Each time you add a new piece, it should fit along the edge exactly.  If the new piece is too short, then the seams have been too small; but if the new piece is too long, then the seams have been too large.  I thought I was going to hate the quarter-inch foot because the line on the throat-plate disappears into the hole for the feed dogs, but then I noticed that the feed dogs have the quarter-inch line in them!  Between the line on the throat-plate, the line on the feed dogs, and the edge of the foot, I have this down now!

One of the coolest things about piecing the blocks is deciding in which orientation the next foreground fabric strip will be added, allowing one to consider the color and flow of the block.  I can hardly wait to do the same thing when laying out the blocks in rows, swapping them till I get a pleasing arrangement.

And I'm really excited to quilt on my new mid-arm machine.  I haven't decided if I'm going to use stencils or free-hand; at the moment, I'm leaning toward free-handing a tighter meander in the background fabric areas, with a looser/larger meander on the foreground fabrics.  I might also use the fabric pencil to draw in the long, graceful curves implied by the rectangles, perhaps adding some scroll work or other embellishments.  But, I have plenty of time to make those decisions.

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